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Formal Methods (Winter 1997)

Formal Specification of a Printer Panel
* in Astral
* in GIL

Software Analysis and Testing (Spring 1997)

* Presentation on Object-Oriented Software Testing
PowerPoint presentation in HTML
Literature list

Advanced Compiler Construction (Spring 1997)

* Presentation on Garbage Collection Techniques
PowerPoint presentation in HTMLor in PostScript (1.2MB gzip-compressed).
* Compiler front-end for a simplified version of Oberon
This code covers the homework assignments 1 and 2.
The simplified Oberon (Oberon-00) doesn't have subroutines.
Written in Java (binaries and source). Example input and output files are here.
Needs JLex and CUP (a Java version of Yacc).

Software Processes (Fall 1997)

* Benefits and Problems of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
PowerPoint presentationin HTML.
Termpaper as PDF file.

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