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Celebrating the fun of flying!

Every pilot likes to share his experiences and show how much fun it is to fly. I am no different. So I decided to dedicate this page to the single engine airplanes I am flying.>

Have fun!

Listen in to ATC!

Listen to Tower Control at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County, California!
Frequency 126.80 MHz, Tower Control for Runway 19R/1L. Feed from my Airband Scanner.
You need the RealAudio player. Download it from here.
The tower is active from 6:15 to 23:00 Pacific Time.
The tower is currently not active.

See approaches to and departures from various airports as the pilot sees it!

These video clips were shot from the passenger seat of several Cessna 172s while the pilot (me) was flying.
See approaches to
I also added some departures to my video collection:

These video clips are best viewed using a high speed connection to the internet, e.g. a Cable modem or DSL connection.

Other Aviation Links

Stop Dreaming, Start Flying

I support the Be A Pilot campaign to revitalize General Aviation. Find out more about it here or call 1-800-BE-A-PILOT.

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