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This directory contains patches to provide the Linux-ABI functionality to current
2.6 kernels.

For the 2.2 Linux kernels, there was a tool called iBCS that allowed running
old binaries from other *nixes to run on Linux.
Examples are:
- Xenix binaries,
- Interactive Unix binaries,
- SCO Unix binaries,
- etc.

The Linux-ABI project at Sourceforge ( brought
this effort to the 2.4 kernels as a patch to the kernel sources.
This project is pretty much abandoned, but a number of people who continue to need the
ability to run foreign binaries on Linux (e.g., for transition from other *nixes to Linux,
or when there is no way to upgrade the binaries) ported the patch to the 2.6 kernels.

I have provided several of these patches for the 2.6 kernels. While I have posted them in
the project's patch area, I also provide them here.

The latest version is always available as linux-abi-latest.diff.bz2

	linux-abi-	Linux-ABI patch for the kernel, 4th version
					fixed shared shared memory and semaphore bugs,
					and argument-handling bugs
	linux-abi-	Linux-ABI patch for the kernel (based on Alex'
					updates for 2.6.20 and beyond), 3rd version, fixing
					compile/link errors for some systems/configurations
	linux-abi-2.6.20.diff.bz2	Linux-ABI patch for the 2.6.20 kernel (defective)
	linux-abi-2.6.15.diff.bz2	Linux-ABI patch for the 2.6.15 kernel
	linux-abi-	Linux-ABI patch for the 2.6.14 kernels (3rd version)
	linux-abi-2.6.13-rc6.diff.bz2	My initial patch, based on Alex Stohr's patches